The 7 absolute BEST Infrared Saunas in 2024

There are a ton of high quality infrared saunas on the market in 2024, but there are also a number of crappy, inferior quality products, too. It can honestly be pretty tough to keep it straight as to which saunas are worth your hard earned money, and which ones aren’t.

If you’re anything like me, you try to do as much research as you can before making your buying decision. So I’d recommend checking out other sauna options, such as barrel saunas before making your purchase. We’ve compared and contrasted traditional dry saunas with infrared in the past if you need additional resources.

We tried to make it easy for you by breaking down our favorite products in 2024 and possibly help you save some money in the process.

If you want to jump straight to our top 7 picks, use the links below to jump to our reviews.

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  1. Best Portable Sauna – Relax Portable Infrared Sauna
  2. Best 2 Person Sauna — JNH Lifestyles Ultra Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
  3. Best 3 Person Sauna — Dynamic “Lugano” Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
  4. Best Large Sauna — Clearlight Sanctuary Y Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna
  5. Best Luxury Sauna — Sunlighten mPulse Discover Infrared Sauna
  6. Best Budget Sauna – Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna
  7. Best Full Spectrum Sauna — Therasage Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

How to choose the best infrared sauna for you

There are a ton of factors to consider when you start your infrared sauna buying journey. For me, one of the biggest considerations was how the unit fit in the room we were installing it in. We also looked for one that was an adequate size for both my wife and me. We also wanted a unit that had low EMF and heated up quickly.

I tried to compile a list of a few other things to consider while you’re shopping.  Some of the most important considerations include:

  1. Size: Consider how many people will be using the sauna at once and how much space you have available in your home.
  2. Type: Infrared saunas come in various types, including portable, 2-person, 3-person, and large saunas. Consider which type will best meet your needs.
  3. Features: Saunas can come with a range of features, such as chromotherapy lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and air purifiers. Consider which features are important to you.
  4. Material: Saunas can be made from a range of materials, including cedar, hemlock, and basswood. Consider the benefits of each material and choose one that fits your budget.
  5. Price: Infrared saunas can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Consider your budget when choosing a sauna.

Far infrared vs. Full spectrum sauna

Man standing in red light therapy full spectrum infrared sauna

We covered far infrared vs. full spectrum sauna in depth in another article, so if you want to check out the main differences between far and full spectrum you can read more here.

If you’re looking for a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read), here’s the synopsis:

There are two types of infrared saunas: far infrared and full spectrum. Far infrared saunas use only far infrared light, which is absorbed by the body to produce heat.

Full spectrum saunas use three types of infrared light: far, mid, and near. Each type of light has different benefits. Far infrared light is good for detoxification and pain relief, mid-infrared light is good for promoting circulation and relaxation, and near-infrared light is good for skin health and wound healing.

8 sauna features to consider before buying

When it comes to buying an infrared sauna, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that you choose a sauna that meets your needs and provides the benefits you are looking for.

Here are some additional features to consider when buying an infrared sauna:

  1. Size and Capacity:
    The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size and capacity of the sauna. How many people will be using it at once? Do you have enough space in your home to accommodate a larger sauna? Make sure to measure your available space and take note of the dimensions of the sauna to ensure it will fit.
  2. Materials:
    The materials used to construct the sauna are also important. Look for saunas made from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials, such as Canadian Western Red Cedar. Avoid saunas made from cheap or synthetic materials, as they may emit harmful chemicals when heated.
  3. Heating Technology:
    The type and quality of heating technology used in the sauna will also affect its performance and effectiveness. Look for saunas with low EMF (electromagnetic field) heaters, as these are safer and less likely to cause harm than high EMF heaters.

    Additionally, consider the number and placement of the heaters within the sauna. More heaters generally mean more even heating and a better overall sauna experience.
  4. Control Panel:
    The control panel is where you will adjust the temperature and other settings of your sauna. Look for a sauna with a user-friendly control panel that is easy to navigate and adjust.
  5. Air purifiers:
    Saunas can get stuffy, so having an air purifier can help keep the air fresh and clean.
  6. Chromotherapy lighting:
    This type of lighting uses different colors to promote relaxation and healing.
  7. Brand Reputation:
    It’s also important to research the reputation of the brand before making a purchase. Look for brands with a proven track record of quality and reliability, as well as positive customer reviews and feedback.
  8. Where it was manufactured:
    Typically, saunas manufactured in Canada, the United States or Europe are held to a higher manufacturing standard than those made in factories in places like China.  Additionally, the warranty and customer service experience tends to be better from manufacturers in North America and Europe.

I know shopping for an infrared sauna is an exciting time, and there is always the temptation to be impulsive about it. But it’s important to remember to take the time to research and compare different options to find the perfect sauna for you.

If you do have any questions or are looking for further recommendations, definitely hit us up on our contact page or DM us on Instagram.

Now without further adieu, here is our list of the top 7 infrared saunas of 2024.

7 Best Infrared Saunas on the Market in 2024

Now that we have discussed some of the important considerations when choosing an infrared sauna, let’s take a look at the top six options available on the market in 2024.

1. Best Portable Infrared Sauna – Relax Far Infrared Portable Sauna

The Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna is a reliable portable sauna available at a reasonable price. The main benefit of a portable sauna is that it’s designed to provide users with the benefits of far infrared therapy without taking up space. Basically, you can sauna from pretty much anywhere.

The frame of the sauna is made with Canadian hemlock wood, which is known for its durability and resistance to moisture. The sauna’s walls are heat-resistant and insulated to prevent heat loss. This ensures that the sauna stays warm and cozy during use.

One of the standout features of the Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna is its compact and space-saving design. This sauna is small enough to fit into almost any room in your home, making it a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of extra space.

The sauna is also lightweight and easy to move, so you can quickly collapse it, store it or move it as needed.

Practical features of the Relax Portable Sauna

The sauna comes with a built-in control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and set the timer for your session. It also includes an audio system that allows you to listen to music or other audio content while you relax in the sauna.

Overall, the Relax Far Infrared Silver Sauna is a good choice for anyone who is short on space but want an immersive sauna experience.

2. Best 2 Person Infrared Sauna – JNH ENSI™ 2 Person Ultra Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

JNH ENSI™ 2 Person Ultra Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna
Image source:

For sauna enthusiasts searching for a compact unit with high-quality features, the JNH ENSI™ Ultra Low EMF Infrared Sauna is an excellent option. This sauna provides the ultimate relaxing experience and therapeutic benefits through its advanced heating technology, spacious design, and user-friendly control panel.

Featuring seven carbon fiber far infrared heating panels, the JNH ENSI™ Ultra Low EMF 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna delivers safe and efficient heat therapy, distributing heat evenly throughout the body.

Its Canadian Hemlock wood build ensures durability and resistance to cracking, warping, and splitting, while the tempered glass door provides a sleek, modern look fitting for any room.

Ease of assembly

JNH saunas also come with built-in speakers and chromotherapy lighting to create a relaxing and rejuvenating ambiance. Not to mention, the sauna is easy to assemble in as little as 30 minutes and is energy-efficient, reducing energy consumption and cutting utility bills.

In summary, the JNH ENSI™ Ultra Low EMF Infrared Sauna offers a safe, relaxing, and therapeutic experience through advanced heating technology, spacious design, and user-friendly controls.

Overall, a solid unit for anyone looking for a sauna with longevity.

3. Best 3-Person Infrared Sauna – Dynamic “Lugano” 3 Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna

Dynamic Lugano Low EMF Infrared Sauna in Canadian hemlock wood

The Dynamic “Lugano” 3-person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna is more than just a sauna, it’s an experience. Imagine stepping into your own personal oasis where you can escape the stresses of the day and immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic benefits that this high-end unit offers.

One of the unique features of the Lugano is its advanced heating technology that uses low EMF FAR infrared heating panels. This provides a safe and effective way to deliver heat therapy to your body and help ease your aches and pains.

You’ll be able to adjust the temperature to your preference with the digital control panel, and the sauna heats up quickly so you won’t have to wait long to start reaping the benefits.

But what sets the Lugano apart from other saunas on the market is its strategic placement of heating panels. The even heat distribution ensures that you’ll experience a comfortable and relaxing session every time. The spacious design of this sauna accommodates up to three people, making it the perfect choice for couples or small groups.

The Lugano is a masterpiece of design, made with solid wood and a tempered glass door that creates a sleek and stylish look that will complement any home decor. The chromotherapy lighting that is included is an added bonus, as it provides a range of colored lights that will help create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

Plus, the built-in sound system allows you to play your favorite music through the sauna’s speakers, adding to the already luxurious experience.

Other key Lugano features

Safety is also a top priority, and the Lugano delivers in this regard. It emits lower levels of EMF radiation than other similar saunas on the market, making it a safe and healthy choice for those who are concerned about the potential risks associated with high levels of electromagnetic field radiation.

In summary, the Dynamic Lugano 3-person Low EMF FAR Infrared Sauna is the ultimate investment in your physical and mental well-being.

Indulge in the luxurious design, advanced heating technology, and low EMF emission that deliver an unparalleled relaxation and therapeutic experience that you’ll be eager to revisit time and time again.

4. Best Large Infrared Sauna – Clearlight Sanctuary Y 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Pricing Unavailable (visit link for further info)

The Clearlight Sanctuary Y 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is a top-of-the-line home sauna that promises an unparalleled infrared therapy experience. Just take a look at the photo above – it’s stunning!

This sauna provides ample space that can even accommodate yoga enthusiasts. And though it’s advertised as a 4 person unit, its dimensions suggest that it could fit more people than that. The Clearlight Sanctuary Y is a sauna designed for those seeking a premium, luxurious experience.

One of the things that I love about the Clearlight Sanctuary Y is that it’s a full spectrum infrared unit. This advanced heating system delivers various health benefits, including improved circulation, detoxification, and relaxation. Moreover, it includes low EMF technology that makes the sauna safe to use and free from harmful radiation.

The Sanctuary Y was designed with user comfort in mind, featuring ergonomic benches, an adjustable backrest, and a digital control system that lets you personalize your sauna experience. It also includes Bluetooth audio and chromotherapy lighting, giving you the option to enhance your sauna session with your preferred music and calming color

Who is the Sanctuary Y perfect for?

The spacious design of the Sanctuary Y makes it perfect for groups, with ample room for up to four people. The sauna is constructed with solid wood and features tempered glass doors and windows, making it look sophisticated and elegant that complements any home décor.

The Clearlight Sanctuary Y is also one of the most energy-efficient saunas on the market. It includes a power-saving mode that reduces energy consumption by up to 40%, ensuring that you can indulge in your sauna experience without worrying about your energy bill.

Overall, the Clearlight Sanctuary Y 4 Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a premium home sauna experience. With its advanced heating technology, luxurious features, and spacious design, it’s bound to surpass your expectations.

5. Best Luxury Infrared Sauna – Sunlighten mPulse Discover Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten mPulse Discover Infrared Sauna

The Sunlighten mPulse Discover Infrared Sauna is the epitome of luxury and advanced technology. The stunning high end design is a showstopper in any home, and the features it offers are unmatched by other saunas on the market.

These units use advanced Solocarbon Full Spectrum Infrared heating technology, too. In addition to sounding cool, it also provides the full benefits of full spectrum infrared technology (I encourage you to read our full spectrum synopsis). It utilizes Tri-Modal Technology that delivers the benefits of three different wavelengths of infrared light for maximum health benefits.

The mPulse Discover also boasts an impressive range of advanced features that make it easy and convenient to use. The premium sound system, chromotherapy lighting, and Android-powered control system make it a breeze to control the temperature, time, and intensity of your infrared therapy. Imagine relaxing in your sauna while listening to your favorite music!

Advanced mPulse features

The sauna also features a range of advanced controls and features that make it easy and convenient to use. It also has a premium (and rockin’) sound system, chromotherapy lighting, and an Android-powered control system that allows you to control the temperature, time, and intensity of the infrared therapy. I’d love the Android feature for my sauna personally!

But that’s not all. The mPulse Discover is also designed with your comfort in mind. Ergonomic benches and cushioned headrests ensure that your sauna experience is as comfortable as possible, and the low EMF rating ensures that it is also safe.

Overall, the Sunlighten mPulse Discover Infrared Sauna is the pinnacle of full spectrum infrared saunas in 2024. If you want the best possible sauna experience with the most advanced features and benefits, this is the one for you.

6. Best Budget Infrared Sauna – Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna

The Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna is a solid entry level portable sauna, and a good value for the price. Its portability and ease of use make it a popular choice for those who are short on space or on a budget.

A key feature is that it has carbon fibre infrared heaters. It also comes with the ability to customize the temperature up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius), allowing you to tailor your sauna experience to your personal preferences.

The sauna is also equipped with a convenient control panel that allows you to adjust the temperature and set a timer. Its quick heating time and efficient performance mean that you can start enjoying the benefits of the sauna right away.

The comfortable, padded, and moisture-resistant seat and handheld control add to the convenience and comfort of using the sauna.

Additional sauna features

The inclusion of a heated foot pad and portable chair make this sauna a great option for those who want to take it with them on the go. The compact size of the sauna and its portability make it easy to store and transport, while still providing all the benefits of a traditional sauna.

Overall, the Radiant Saunas BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Sauna is a great choice for beginners who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-use option for at-home sauna sessions.

7. Best Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna – Therasage Full Spectrum Infrared Home Sauna

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The Therasage Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna in natural aspen wood is the epitome of a premium, high-performance sauna. It offers a range of advanced features and benefits for home use. Seriously, this is absolutely the next sauna I will buy. Let me explain why…

These units are manufactured from high-quality, hypoallergenic aspen wood. They are manufactured in the good ol’ US of A so the craftsmanship is extremely reliable. The other difference maker for me is that Therasage offers a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, which shows they stand by their products.

Key Therasage features

I also really like that these units come equipped with full spectrum heating technology. As we’ve already touched on, full spectrum saunas utilize near, mid and far infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep into the body. This is supposed to provide a range of health and wellness benefits. This advanced heating technology can help to boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain and soreness in the body.

The built-in sound system offers a premium experience, too. This allows you to listen to music or guided meditations during your sauna sessions. The chromotherapy lighting also helps to create a relaxing and therapeutic environment.

The sauna is also equipped with a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to adjust the temperature and other settings to your preferences. Plus, its compact size and convenient design make it a great option for home use, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of infrared sauna therapy without leaving the comfort of your home.

To recap, these are awesome units. Therasage also offers industry-leading warranty and is crafted in the United States. A big plus for me is that they have accessible, friendly customer service, too.


Woman in towel sitting in a wood panel infrared sauna. Woman is smiling with hands behind head.

Alright, so that was a lot of information. And to be honest, there’s no right answer here. It all comes down to your personal preference, what you’re looking for in a sauna and what your budget is.

What we tried to do in this article is give you a good starting point as all of the products mentioned above are high quality. We hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision about which infrared sauna is right for your needs.

Remember that while investing in an infrared sauna can be a significant financial commitment, it is an investment in your health and well-being. An infrared sauna can provide a variety of benefits for your mind and body, and it is a long-term investment in your overall health.

No matter which sauna you choose, make sure to take the time to enjoy the many benefits of this wonderful relaxation and healing tool.

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