Why Should You Consider Infrared Sauna Workout Benefits?

Hello there, sauna enthusiast. Paul from Sauna Squad here. I’m a busy parent to two wonderful kids. But let’s be honest, it’s tough juggling the realities of raising kids, working a day job and trying to stay fit.

As Ricky from Trailer Park Boys once said, let’s get two birds stoned at once (sorry, Canadian TV reference). The two birds being combining infrared sauna and working out to reap the benefits of infrared sauna workouts.

I know combining infrared sauna sessions with my (semi) regular workouts has been a game-changer for me. It’s not just about sweating it out after a kettlebell workout or a run on the treadmill. It’s a smart way to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

In this article, we’ll explore the science behind it and why you should seriously consider mixing in an infrared sauna session after (or even dare I say… before?) your next workout.

So, stay with us as we crank up the heat and explore the benefits of infrared sauna workout.

Can I Do Infrared Sauna and Workout In a Day?

Heck yes, you can combine an infrared sauna session and a workout on the same day. In fact, I encourage it. The sweatiest, most enjoyable sauna sessions are after a workout.

Many people (including yours truly) find this combination boosts the benefits of infrared sauna workouts. It can be a smart way to enhance your fitness routine and recovery process. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s explore what the science says.

10 Overall Infrared Sauna Workout Benefits to Well-being

Exploring the benefits of the infrared sauna workout can significantly improve your physical and mental health. These benefits are not just about feeling good at the moment; they are about making a lasting, positive impact on your overall well-being. 


Physical Health Benefits

  1. Muscle Recovery: After a challenging workout, an infrared sauna session can help your muscles relax and recover more quickly, reducing the chances of sore muscles.
  2. Improved Circulation: The heat from the sauna increases heart rate and blood circulation, similar to the effects of light exercise.
  3. Detoxification: Sweating it out in the sauna can help your body get rid of toxins, leading to a cleaner, more efficient system.
  4. Weight Management: Regular sauna sessions can complement your workout routine by boosting your metabolism and helping burn fat.
  5. Pain Relief: If you struggle with chronic pain or occasional aches, the heat from an infrared sauna can provide soothing pain relief.

Mental Health Benefits

  1. Stress Reduction: Taking time for an infrared sauna session can be your escape, helping to significantly lower stress levels.
  2. Improved Sleep: The relaxation you achieve from a sauna session can lead to better, more restful sleep, improving your sleep quality.
  3. Mental Clarity: The tranquil environment of an infrared sauna can give you the space to clear your mind, offering mental refreshment.
  4. Mood Boost: The warmth and relaxation can stimulate the production of feel-good hormones, lifting your spirits and improving your overall mood.
  5. Enhanced Well-being: Regularly using an infrared sauna can contribute to overall well-being, making you feel more balanced and in tune with your body.

When Should You Use Infrared Sauna in Your Workout Routine?

Deciding when to use the infrared sauna in your workout routine depends on your preferences and feelings. It’s about listening to your body and understanding what works best.

Some people like to hit the infrared sauna before their workout. They find that it’s a great way to warm up. The heat gets their blood flowing and helps them sweat a bit. This can make them feel more awake and energized for their workout. But they keep an eye on the clock and the sauna temperature. They know it’s important not to use all their energy in the sauna.

Others prefer to save the sauna for after their workout. They enjoy how the infrared heat therapy helps them relax after all the hard work. It’s like a reward for finishing a tough session. They feel that it helps with post-workout recovery, especially for sore muscles. Plus, they love the feeling of continuing to sweat even after the workout is over.

Woman and man sitting with eyes closed in sauna practicing mindfulness meditation

Benefits of Infrared Sauna Before Workouts

Using an infrared sauna before workouts can be a great way to kickstart your exercise routine. It prepares your body by warming up your muscles and boosting your circulation. This pre-workout heat session can make your workout more effective and enjoyable.

5 Benefits of Infrared Sauna Before Workouts:

  1. Muscle Warm-up: The heat helps your muscles relax, reducing the risk of injury and making your workout more efficient.
  2. Improved Circulation: The warmth increases blood flow, ensuring your muscles get the needed oxygen and nutrients.
  3. Enhanced Flexibility: Warm muscles are more flexible, which can improve your performance in activities that require a wide range of motion.
  4. Mental Preparation: The quiet time in the sauna can help you focus and mentally prepare for the upcoming physical challenge.
  5. Detoxification: A good sweat before working out can help your body release toxins, setting a clean slate for your exercise session.

5 Things to Be Careful of:

  1. Watch the Time: Limit your sauna session to avoid overheating or exhausting yourself before your workout.
  2. Stay Hydrated: Sweating in the sauna can lead to dehydration, so drink plenty of water before and after your sauna session.
  3. Monitor Your Body: Pay attention to how you feel. If you start feeling dizzy or overly tired, it’s time to step out.
  4. Avoid Overeating: A heavy meal before a sauna can make you feel sluggish. Opt for a light snack if needed.
  5. Consult Healthcare Provider: If you have health conditions primarily related to blood pressure or heart rate, check with your healthcare provider before combining sauna sessions with workouts.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna After Workouts

Enjoying an infrared sauna after workouts can be just as beneficial. It aids in recovery, helps you relax, and enhances the overall post-workout experience. This post-exercise heat therapy is a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for good reasons.


5 Benefits of Infrared Sauna After Workouts:

  1. Speeds Up Recovery: The heat helps reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery.
  2. Relaxation: After the intensity of a workout, the sauna offers a tranquil space to unwind and reduce stress.
  3. Eliminates Toxins: Sweating post-workout helps flush out toxins your body might have released during exercise.
  4. Boosts Immune System: Heat stress can stimulate the production of white blood cells, strengthening your immune system.
  5. Improves Sleep: The relaxation from a post-workout sauna session can contribute to a deeper and more restful sleep.

5 Things to Be Careful of:

  1. Hydration is Key: After sweating during your workout and sauna session, replenishing your body with fluids is crucial to avoid dehydration.
  2. Cool Down First: Allow your body to cool down before entering the sauna after your workout.
  3. Listen to Your Body: If you feel overly tired or dizzy, skipping the sauna and rest might be best.
  4. Avoid Long Sessions: Prolonged heat exposure after a workout can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke.
  5. Nutrition Matters: Post-workout nutrition is essential. After your sauna session, refuel your body with the proper nutrients to aid recovery.

But Is It Possible To Work Out During Infrared Sauna?

While the idea of combining a workout with an infrared sauna session might seem appealing, it’s important to approach this concept with caution. An infrared sauna is designed for relaxation and recovery, not intense physical activity. The heat and environment of the sauna are meant to soothe your muscles and mind, not to serve as a traditional workout space.

Here’s why working out during an infrared sauna session might not be the best idea:

  1. Risk of Overheating: Engaging in physical activity in the high temperatures of an infrared sauna can significantly increase your risk of overheating or suffering from heat exhaustion.
  2. Dehydration Concerns: Working out means sweating, and doing this in a sauna, where you’re already sweating due to the high temperatures, can lead to rapid dehydration.
  3. Air Quality: While infrared saunas are great for relaxing, the air inside might not be suitable for the increased breathing rates that come with working out.
  4. Safety First: Most sauna spaces are not designed for physical activity. The risk of slipping or injuring yourself is higher, especially when you’re not in a stable environment.
  5. Healthcare Provider’s Advice: It’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider before attempting any unconventional workout routines, especially in environments like an infrared sauna.

Final Thoughts & Article Wrap Up

Alright, let’s wrap up this article by doing a quick recap here. It’s clear that there are definitive health benefits associated with infrared sauna sessions immediately following a workout.

Or if you’re especially keen, some people do find the pre-workout sauna session to be a perfect muscle warm-up.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all here; it’s your workout, your sauna time, and your call on how to blend them. Just keep it balanced, stay in tune with what your body’s telling you, and a quick chat with your doctor is always a smart move if in doubt.

Visit our website, share your sauna stories, or drop your questions. Whether you’re a sauna newbie or a pro, your insights matter. Let’s continue this wellness conversation and help each other on our fitness journeys. 

Thanks for joining the Squad. Until next time, stay warm my friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is working out in an infrared sauna good?

It’s generally not recommended to work out in an infrared sauna due to risks like overheating and dehydration. However, using an infrared sauna before or after your workout can offer many benefits, such as muscle recovery and stress reduction.

What happens if you use infrared sauna every day?

Using an infrared sauna every day can be beneficial, promoting detoxification, relaxation, and improved circulation. However, it’s important to listen to your body and ensure you stay hydrated. Consult your healthcare provider, especially if you have any health concerns.

Should I sauna before or after workout?

It depends on your personal preference and how your body responds. A sauna before working out can warm up your muscles and help you mentally prepare. After a workout, it can aid in muscle recovery and relaxation.

Experiment to find what works best for you and consult with a healthcare provider if you have any specific health conditions.

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