Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas: Worth the Hype?

“To go full spectrum or not to go full spectrum, that is the question.”

-William Shakespeare

I may be paraphrasing ol’ Billy Shakespeare here but if you’re an infrared sauna enthusiast, you may have asked yourself that question when you purchased your sauna. And if you’re considering purchasing one, it’s a good question to ask.

After all, full spectrum infrared supposedly has so many more benefits than simply far infrared, right?

In this article we’ll explore what full spectrum infrared really means, the benefits of the saunas & if the they’re worth the hefty price tag that comes along with it. We’ll even recommend 4 of the top products on the market in 2023 for your viewing pleasure.

Now settle in, put on your learning hat & let’s dive in!

Understanding what full spectrum infrared means

Infrared is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMF) with wavelengths longer than visible light but shorter than microwaves or radio waves.

Infrared radiation is invisible to the human eye but can be felt as heat. Infrared technology has been widely used in various industries, including healthcare, where it’s known for its therapeutic effects.

Full spectrum infrared refers to the combination of three different types of infrared wavelengths: near-infrared (NIR), mid-infrared (MIR), & far-infrared (FIR).

Near-infrared (NIR)

Near infrared (NIR) is the shortest wavelength among the three. It penetrates the skin’s surface, reaching the epidermis & dermis. Near-infrared is known for its ability to promote cell regeneration, tissue repair & wound healing.

Mid-infrared (MIR)

Mid infrared (MIR) wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body, reaching the muscles, tissues & joints. MIR is particularly effective in pain relief, reducing inflammation & improving circulation.

Far-infrared (FIR)

Far infrared (FIR) is the longest wavelength of the three. It can penetrate even deeper into the body, reaching fat cells & the body’s core. FIR is known for its detoxifying effects, weight loss support & relaxation benefits.

How full spectrum infrared saunas work

Full spectrum infrared saunas use infrared heaters to emit NIR, MIR & FIR wavelengths. These wavelengths penetrate the body, raising a person’s core temperature & inducing sweating.

Unlike traditional saunas, which heat the air around you, infrared saunas directly heat your body, resulting in a more efficient & comfortable sauna experience.

Man standing in red light therapy full spectrum infrared sauna

Why full spectrum infrared matters for saunas

The theory behind why full spectrum matters is that NIR, MIR, & FIR all target different areas of the body. So by going full spectrum, you receive a more comprehensive wellness experience.

Each wavelength addresses specific health concerns, making full spectrum infrared saunas a versatile & effective option for those seeking to improve their well-being.

Far vs. full spectrum infrared

A question we hear quite often is whether it makes sense to go with a full spectrum or stick with a far infrared sauna. We decided we’d break down a few of the key differences & the benefits of each.

The key differences

Far infrared saunas use only far-infrared wavelengths, while full spectrum infrared saunas emit all three types of infrared wavelengths. This means that full spectrum saunas can provide a wider range of health benefits due to the synergistic effects of NIR, MIR, & FIR.

Benefits & limitations of each

Far infrared saunas are known for their detoxifying effects, weight loss support, & relaxation benefits. However, they may not be as effective in addressing pain relief, inflammation, & tissue repair, which are areas where near & mid-infrared excel.

Full spectrum infrared saunas offer a more comprehensive approach to infrared therapy, addressing a wider range of health concerns. By combining the power of NIR, MIR, & FIR, full spectrum saunas can deliver benefits like cell regeneration, pain relief, detoxification, & relaxation, all in one session.

Benefits of Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna with bench and infrared heaters

As we’ve mentioned already, full spectrum saunas offer a long list of health benefits. Like their near-only or far-only counterparts, more research is needed into the full scope of their benefits. However, based on research available, here are some of the benefits you may experience:

1. Stress & relaxation

Provides a relaxing environment that allows you to unwind & relieve stress. The heat helps release tension in your muscles & the increased circulation can improve your mood & overall sense of well-being.

2. Detoxification

Induces sweating by increasing your body’s core temperature. This process helps your body flush out harmful toxins, improving overall health & well-being.

3. Pain relief

Mid-infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into muscles, tissues, & joints, helping to alleviate pain & reduce inflammation. This makes full spectrum infrared saunas an excellent choice for individuals suffering from chronic pain or sports-related injuries.

4. Improved circulation

The heat from full spectrum infrared saunas promotes vasodilation, increasing blood flow throughout the body. Improved circulation can support overall cardiovascular health & promote faster healing of injuries.

5. Weight loss

Aids in weight loss by increasing your heart rate & metabolism. This helps your body burn calories more efficiently. We recommend to combine regular sauna use with a healthy diet & regular exercise for best results.

6. Skin rejuvenation

Near-infrared wavelengths stimulate collagen production, promoting skin cell regeneration & improving skin elasticity. Regular full spectrum infrared sauna sessions can lead to a more youthful, radiant complexion.

Article wrap-up

Alright so what did we learn in this article? Let’s summarize:

  1. Full spectrum refers to near, mid and far infrared light wavelengths, which is outside the human visibility spectrum
  2. Full spectrum saunas combine the benefits of near, mid, & far-infrared wavelengths for optimal health & relaxation.
  3. They also deliver numerous benefits, including detoxification, pain relief, improved circulation, & stress reduction
  4. There are some awesome products on the market right now to match your budget and lifestyle

I hope you learned a thing or two from our article. And as always thanks for reading!

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