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Infrared Saunas
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Ready for the infrared sauna life? Read our helpful articles and product reviews before you buy. Find the best sauna for your needs & join the Squad!

Steam Saunas
Steamy traditional sauna with wood panels and water bucket on bench with metal heater

Curious about taking the plunge on a steam sauna? Check out the articles and product reviews we’ve compiled on steam saunas.

Dry saunas
Outdoor barrel traditional steam sauna in a forest

What are the benefits of dry sauna? How much time should I spend in my dry sauna? What’s the best temperature? We explore it all.

How long should you sauna for? See what your Sauna Number is and how long your next session should be.

Sauna Squad was started because we fell in love with the sauna life and decided to share our passion and knowledge with the world. We started this site with a few key pillars in mind:
1. Educate people like who are interested in the sauna life about how you can incorporate sauna therapy into their wellness routine
2. Promote the health and relaxation benefits of sauna use
3. Help folks who are curious about saunas make an informed decision before making a purchase
4. Create community with fellow sauna enthusiasts

We’d love to hear from you and learn about your story! Please connect with us on Instagram @thesaunasquad and say hi.

Wooden barrel sauna with smoke out of a chimney in a snow covered forest

Welcome to Sauna Squad, your friendly neighborhood sauna enthusiasts. We’re here to break bread and build community with other sauna aficionados. We are dedicated to giving you the very best in sauna reviews, helpful tips, the latest trends, the best deals and even some dope sauna photos from around the globe. We hope you’ll stick around awhile! Maybe you’ll even join the Squad.
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